Best Smartphones under different price groups (in India)

In this article, we will have a look at the best smartphones that you can buy in a particular price range starting from Rs 5,000 ($90) to Rs 35,000 ($620) and above.

Here, I am just going to put a simple list of the price range and the best smartphones that fit into that category. The evaluation of these phones is done after moderately using them, reading multiple reviews and considering user opinions.

The whole idea is to eliminate the process of you going through multiple reviews of multiple phones and then facing confusion. This article would help you to identify the best smartphones that fit in your budget.

This post will be followed by some more articles which would include a comparative study between the smartphones belonging to the same price category, where I will also mention the exact price of these phones.

I have not included some of the other growing brands like Micromax, Lava, Karbonn etc as I will be writing a separate article on these phones.

Here is the list, you can also check out the detailed specs and reviews of these smartphones on for more information.

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Please note that these are not the only phones that are available in this category. This is just a list of three to four shortlisted phones in the respective price groups on the basis of my opinions and evaluation.

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