Android or iPhone or Blackberry

Nokia, the mobile phone giant has lost considerable market share to Samsung and other players in the market. I am sure most of us have stopped even considering Nokia as an option while buying a new smartphone.

So, this post is basically meant for people who are confused between an Android (Google’s OS), Apple iPhone (iOS) and a Blackberry (RIM)

Well all these smart-phones have their own set of pros and cons. Lets have a look at the most basic advantages and disadvantages that come along with these devices.

1. Android Phones

Excellent software/application support
Thousands of Apps (free) to download online
Wide variety of phones (to suit your budget) – Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola
Frequent OS updates (for improving performance)
Android phones can also function as a router to share Internet.

Some phones become sluggish (slow) after installing many apps.
Most of the Android phones are touch screen phones without keyboard (there are a few exceptions)
Most of the features need internet (which is not major issue now)
If you are buying an expensive android phone you might not like the fact that there are many phones available at really cheap prices which operate on Android.

Verdict: If you love to experiment with new apps and games, and chat with your family and friends on whatsapp and other messengers, this phone is for you.

2.  Apple iPhone 4/4S

Amazing software support
Very good battery life
Touch screen sensitivity is mind blowing
Camera is great
Visuals are very nice and eye catching
Very snappy processing
Does not become sluggish even after installing apps
It gives you a good feeling (If you don’t have an iPhone, you dont have an iPhone) – Exclusivity, for brand concious people

Many of the good apps are paid (not free)
Micro simcard support only (Normal SIM Card dosent fit into it)
No Flash support in the web browser
No file transfer over Bluetooth or USB Mass Storage mode
No hardware shutter key for the camera
No FM radio
No keyboard, No stereo speakers
No microSD card slot
Too dependent on iTunes for loading multimedia content
Poor loudspeaker performance
Very expensive
Hardware cannot be opened manually like other phones

Verdict: If you love visuals and experiencing new games and softwares in your free time and can shell out a lot of money then this phone is for you.

3. Blackberry

Excellent Connectivity (Messengers viz BBM, yahoo, gtalk, whatsapp work seamlessly)
Amazing email client (can also sync with your enterprise server)
Most user friendly qwerty keyboard (easy typing)
Very fast and snappy

Battery life not great in some models
Camera quality not great
Application support is bad
Almost all models have similar utility and features. (Minor change in visuals cz of the new OS)

Verdict: If you are always on the go and have to reply to your emails instantaneously; love chatting with family and friends and don’t care about applications then this phone is for you. There is a wide range of models to select from.

You can check out this youtube video which shows the functionality of all the three devices simultenously


Useful websites (links) for smartphones

If you want to read detailed reviews of smartphones and compare them with other phones then there are a few websites which are really good for this

1. – Here you will find brand wise classification of smartphones and you can also compare phones. The reviews are really well written.

2. – an alternative to gsmarena

3.– for those who are curious to watch the unboxing and handling of the phone, youtube is the perfect place for this. You can search for any phone model and check out how it works. youtube is perfect for those who order phones online and have not physically operated the phone.

4. A couple of trustworthy websites for buying phones online in India:

5. For buying used phones in India

Which Smartphone to buy? Confused!? Lets find the perfect smartphone for you that best fits your need and budget

There are hundreds of smart-phones available in the market today. So if you are finding it difficult to find the perfect smartphone that best fits your need and your budget then this is the right place for you.

Whether I should buy a Blackberry or an Android or an iPhone or a Nokia.. This is the most basic question that first comes to our mind while buying a phone.

Once we select the type of phone then comes the second and more specific question i.e. which model should I buy now? There are times when we end up buying a wrong phone and then regret our decision later. So it definitely makes sense to put in some kind of research before buying an expensive gadget like a smartphone.

Here you can post your requirements and budget.  Also, if you have already shortlisted a couple of phones and you are now confused which is the best one for you, you can post your query and I will try to help you out with the same.

1. Which are the most important features of smartphone for you (Options – Screen Size, Battery Life, Memory, Camera, Keyboard, 3G, emails etc) – you can add your own

2. What is the budget that you have allocated for this purchase?

3. Any other specific requirements

4. Your list of shortlisted smartphones (if any)

Also, you can shoot any kind of queries about smartphones, laptops etc and I will try my best to help you out with the same.